Facebook Stopped Ads


How to overcome this?


It’s difficult to comment on the actual reason for this. As I read, it says ‘unusual activity’. What do you think was that? Also, it’s asking you to verify your account; have you done that? I suggest writing to Facebook support and in worst case if you are aware that you are doing anything wrong, start a new Ads account.


I also faced such kind of error when I am handling a USA client. And after that whole account wiped out with balance which was in account. Even Facebook doesn’t provide you the satisfactory answer for this. And for specific and right answer please provide the product details which you want to sell on Facebook. It may be possible that Facebook putting your products in wrong category for example if you are selling the “Defence Pen” then it may be possible that Facebook consider it as a weapon. But, till then you can follow these steps to avoid any loss:

  • Please secure your account balance by transferring it in your bank account

  • After securing your account balance contact to facebook team. It may be possible that someone is try to hacking your Ad account.

  • 3rd and last solution is just remove all things from your account including your balance (transfer it in your account), all ads…means just remove all details from your account and then start from scratch. If you are doing it first time then I will suggest pls. take help any expert in this particular domain.

All the above mentioned suggestions are based on my practical experience during my projects.


I have verified the account by submitting government issued identity card. I am unsure of the unusual activity Facebook is saying. My company is into building of Civil Engineering Software www.CivilGeo.com i guess we aren’t doing any wrong stuff.

Still I created a new adverts this time and this time i did it via Facebook business manager and I’ve even tried contacting Facebook support but it seems they have an automated response system and they don’t actually care about it much. I also tried contacting Facebook people on LinkedIn but all that is in vain. Is there any proper way to contact Facebook Marketing team ? Can you share anything or guide for the next step?

I have been dealing with Facebook ads for last 3 years never had this kind of experience. Kindly suggest some solution.
Shashank Tiwari


Well in my case i was running ads for a Civil Engineering Software for my company. Is there any possible platform or way to connect with Facebook team ?


If you are running a Ads for a Software then there will no objection or problem with it. Just do one thing that clean your Ad-account and start with scratch. Don’t use your past information like Ad description and Titles.
And regarding Facebook help, there is no such numbers available in India but you can approach them on Facebook itself. Try here: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/239064626155650
(Don’t waste your time on internet finding Facebook number. There are a lot of fraud companies who claim such kind of service).
If you are unable to do this just hire an expert who can work with you.


Well thanks! If u read my post clearly i have already mentioned whether or not i have my ad account built from scratch.
Have got an expertise in the same field,don’t have a reason to hire any one.
Can you come up with something concrete ?


I read it carefully. But you also know that you can’t give concrete solution in such kind of problems where you don’t know the reason. You only can suggest the things which are possible to do.
The solutions which mentioned in my posts before are on based my personal experience and my problem solved after that. If it is not happening in your case then I am sorry, I don’t have concrete solution for you right now.


Hi Shashank,

Truly speaking, I know the pain of getting blocked from facebook. One and half year’s back I have faced the same thing you are facing right now. I tried to find a facebook support number or email but I am sorry to say, they don’t have one. You can max post a question to their help community.

My problem was way much complicated and I am still waiting for their response. They had a very bad connection between Your own adverts account and Business Manager’s Adverts account and they know it very well. So, if you have followed them , you will probably find that they are now automatically merging your own adverts manager and Business manager’s adverts account to a single one so that they don’t create much problem for future customers.

But being an old customer, I guess they are simply avoiding us and our problems. So, there is no such way you can contact them and get help. But yes! if you are lucky enough, may be someday they will contact you.