Facebook 360 Degrees Video Ad



I want to create 360 degree ad on Facebook for a money transfer firm. What are the possibilities or ideas for the same?


Harsh: Can you please share what do you mean by 360 degree ad?

Also, do share your objective(s) and details of target audience.


You can find some of the examples of 360 degree facebook videos by clicking here.

And my target audience is Asians who want to transfer money from Australia.


Thanks Harsh for clarifying. To be honest, I’ve not personally used 360 degree Facebook Ads. However, given your objective and target audience, I suggest that you think about creating an interesting (e.g. can you add humour?) & educative video in nature to address the concerns of your target audience vs trying to directly promote your service.

Closest example is video series by DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund:

Btw, there’s an interesting/indirect way to target asians/indians on digital mediums: E.g. anyone using keywords such as Deepawali/Sachin Tendulkar on mediums such as Search Engines is likely to be an India. This technique was actually used by one of the companies offering money transfer services to India.

Hope this helps.