Does Facebook Page still carry any value?


Given the organic reach of a Facebook Page is significantly low, is it worth creating & managing a Facebook Page for a brand? If yes then what should one do to be able to get some real value from a Facebook Page without depending on Facebook Advertising? Please share some relevant examples to learn from.


Good question, and the answer is that if you don’t intend to spend any money, then a facebook page practically has no value. Look at it like an advertising platform, with some organic reach in between.


Thanks Prateek for your honest response. On a similar note, I see you quite active on Facebook using your personal profile. How valuable is that for promoting a brand? What strategy do you follow to engage the level of audience you’ve been able to do that.


I think for smaller businesses and startups, tapping personal network becomes just as important since they can be your first endorsers.So I am all for promoting professional work on personal profiles.


BTW, Does Facebook Personal Profiles have better reach than Facebook Pages?


Today I was searching the News sites in " this facebook page was ranking on 3rd page So, this shows Google still gives lots of value to Facebook pages :slight_smile:


Okay, the idea behind a successful facebook page is your mindset. Look closely on your facebook page and facebook profile, both are way different than other. You need to understand what you are upto. If you want to promote your product then there is a very costly way to promote yourself on facebook via it’s adverts. In the other hand if you want to increase your fan base then don’t promote any product, you should always interact with your audience to help you reach more users on facebook. If you interact with your audience through your page just like how you interact with your friends from your profile.

So, yes! It’s about your mindset. Hope this helps.