Best place to learn about Growth Hacking


I’ve heard a lot about Growth Hacking and I want to learn more about it. Which are the best resources?


Hi Priyanka,

There are many sites which can help you learn GH however as per my experience Growth Hacking should be learned from someone who had done it in the past.

You can surely expect such trainers with Digital Vidya in their public and one to one growth hacking program.

Hope this will help.


Priyanka: Great timings. On this Friday, we’ve a live Webinar on Growth Hacking. It’s led by Ravi Trivedi, CEO of CouponRani & PushEngage and a Growth Hacker himself. Find complete and register in this Webinar on Growth Hacking in 2016.

You can surely ask Ravi about other great resources to learn Growth Hacking.



So this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot the last few weeks.

Three thoughts:

  1. There are no university programs that can teach you about “growth hacking”. I’d even say that if you have to go through a formal program to learn about growth hacking, you’re going to be bad at it.

  2. Growth hacking is more about your attitude to marketing than any specific set of tactics or ideas. If you prioritize experimentation and are willing to take 10 failures for 1 big win, you’ll “learn” growth hacking.

  3. Growth hacking is best learned by doing, rather than reading.

That said, a few resources I recommend:

Brian Balfour’s essays on growth at CoElevate. Brian ran growth at HubSpot and is my go-to expert for content marketing advice.

If you want something more formal, check out the Though given the makeup of the students, I’d expect this to be quite pricey.

Neil Patel’s guide on growth hacking is a definite read for anyone new to the field. Go through Aaron Ginnt’s blog at as well. Then see some of the actual growth hacking tactics used by startups on this list.

But most importantly, put these ideas into practice. You’ll definitely see some failures early on, but don’t let that discourage you!